The Story Behind All•Man

A native of Atlanta, as a teen, I was classified as least likely to succeed. Thankfully I had supportive parents and I refused to allow others perception of me to define and dictate my reality.
Today I wear many hats but none as important as my role as a devoted husband and father. Following in the footsteps of my late father, I started my career as a truck driver, but the hunger and desire to accomplish more led me to entrepreneurship. I became my own boss by starting a trucking company that I currently run and operate today. I had beat the odds and I was proud!

The desire to start a men’s clothing line began over 15 years ago, but as many of you know and may have experienced, life gets in the way and dreams sometimes find themselves being placed on hold.
I've always believed that when you look good you feel good. I prefer wearing clothing that represents how I truly felt about myself as a MAN. My accomplishments were worthy of being celebrated yet I was unable to find a suitable brand that represented me. It wasn't until an encounter with my late mother-in-law that my passion for a man only clothing line reignited.

After arriving home from a fishing trip I immediately began tackling tasks around the house before taking my 2 daughters out for our monthly father/daughter date. I returned that evening and began prepping for a day’s work the following day. Unbeknownst to me, my mother-in-law watched me closely that day. She approached me with her hands on my shoulder and said, " You're All Man... In Every Sense of The Word"! Her words resonated with me and had a profound effect, but it wasn't until she passed away that I decided to let her words live on in the hearts and minds of every God-fearing, hardworking family man who stands firm and unwavering in his morals and values.

In her honor, I decided to create a brand as big as my mother-in-law’s personality; thereby establishing All•Man Apparel.

My only hope is that her words resonate with you as they did with me and that you feel confident wearing a brand designed with you in mind. A man of unwavering faith, strength, and the desire to be all that he can be. A man that gets knocked down but refuses to remain there. One that refuses to allow others perception of him to dictate who he truly is. One that perseveres by pushing through adversities while standing tall. A man who is UNAPOLOGETIC and stands firm by his morals and values. One that takes great pride in his God-given strength that he is indeed more than a conqueror and as such he is...   
In Every Sense Of The Word!